en: A04_B01_000_010="Date: 29-AUGUST-3844"
jp: A04_B01_000_010="未訳"

en: A04_B01_001_010="Harmony to you, Knight. You performed well on Matar, but the situation has become complicated. Commander Arnold was personally enlightened by the Princess, but he revealed some troubling news. "
jp: A04_B01_001_010="未訳"

en: A04_B01_002_010="The UEF is constructing a weapon of horrific power called Black Sun. It can destroy entire planets. Avatar Marxon is already lobbying for an all-out attack on Earth."
jp: A04_B01_002_010="未訳"

en: A04_B01_003_010="Hello, Knight. I wish we could meet under better circumstances. The Avatar's war drums are getting louder, and it will be difficult to hold him in check."
jp: A04_B01_003_010="未訳"

en: A04_B01_003_020="That is why the Princess has removed you from the service of Avatar Marxon. From this day forward, you will serve the Princess directly. You will be her Champion."
jp: A04_B01_003_020="未訳"

en: A04_B01_004_010="This is Procyon, a planet deep in Cybran territory. We know little of it save its name."
jp: A04_B01_004_010="未訳"

en: A04_B01_004_020="In my meditations, I have sensed something there, some...other. I cannot describe it, but it troubles me greatly. You must go to Procyon and discover what it is."
jp: A04_B01_004_020="未訳"

en: A04_B01_005_010="Fear not, Champion. I sense greatness in you. "
jp: A04_B01_005_010="未訳"

en: A04_B01_005_020="You gate to Procyon immediately. Go forth with grace, Champion of the Illuminate."
jp: A04_B01_005_020="未訳"