en: A06_D01_010_010="[{i Choir}]: Choir to Champion, respond. Choir to Champion, please respond. We've lost your signal, please respond."
jp: A06_D01_010_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_010_010="[{i Choir}]: We have prepared a base for you."
jp: A06_M01_010_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_020_010="[{i Marxon}]: So, the Princess' lackey has arrived. I will kill you myself."
jp: A06_M01_020_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_020_020="[{i Princess}]: Your days are at an end, Marxon. Your fate was sealed the moment you killed Toth."
jp: A06_M01_020_020="未訳"

en: A06_M01_020_030="[{i Marxon}]: That old hag earned her fate. And you shall soon follow her."
jp: A06_M01_020_030="未訳"

en: A06_M01_020_040="[{i Princess}]: Attention all Aeon Commanders: This is Princess Rhianne Burke. Avatar Marxon is a traitor. You may engage him at will."
jp: A06_M01_020_040="未訳"

en: A06_M01_020_050="[{i Choir}]: Champion, Black Sun's construction is nearly complete. You must capture the Control Center and prevent the UEF from firing the weapon.\n"
jp: A06_M01_020_050="未訳"

en: A06_M01_030_010="[{i Aiko}]: I will not allow you to interfere with Black Sun, Aeon!"
jp: A06_M01_030_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_040_010="[{i Choir}]: The Control Center is yours, Champion. Choir out."
jp: A06_M01_040_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_050_010="[{i Choir}]: Champion, a Cybran naval force is heading toward your base. Wait...a UEF force is moving to intercept...now both are converging on your base. Prepare your defenses. Choir out."
jp: A06_M01_050_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_050_020="[{i Aiko}]: I will deal with you first, Aeon!"
jp: A06_M01_050_020="未訳"

en: A06_M01_050_030="[{i RedFog}]: Once you are dead, we'll be free."
jp: A06_M01_050_030="未訳"

en: A06_M01_060_010="[{i Choir}]: You must capture the Control Center, Champion! Choir out. "
jp: A06_M01_060_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_070_010="[{i Choir}]: The Princess' plan depends on you capturing the Control Center, Champion. Choir out."
jp: A06_M01_070_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_080_010="[{i Choir}]: The Control Center has been lost. The Princess will not be able to fulfill her plan!"
jp: A06_M01_080_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_090_010="[{i Choir}]: The Control Center is ours, Champion, and both naval forces have been defeated. Choir out."
jp: A06_M01_090_010="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_010_111="Capture Black Sun Control Center"
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_010_111="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_010_112="The Control Center is the key to Black Sun. Without it, the weapon cannot be fired. The Princess needs you to immediately capture the Control Center."
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_010_112="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_010_121="Defeat Naval Assault"
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_010_121="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_010_122="Both the Cybrans and the UEF will attack your base with naval forces. You must survive this combined assault if the Princess' plans are to succeed."
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_010_122="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_020_111="Defender of the Way"
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_020_111="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_020_112="You have destroyed over %s of Marxon's units"
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_020_112="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_020_121="Experimental Master"
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_020_121="未訳"

en: A06_M01_OBJ_020_122="You built one of each Experimental Unit: a CZAR, a Colossus, and a Tempest"
jp: A06_M01_OBJ_020_122="未訳"

en: A06_M02_010_010="[{i Choir}]: Champion, the Cybran Commander is gathering a large army to the north of the Control Center. Establish a defensive perimeter around Black Sun and repel the assault. Once that has been done, defeat the Commander himself. Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_010_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_010_020="[{i Choir}]: You now have access to experimental weapons. Use them wisely. Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_010_020="未訳"

en: A06_M02_020_010="[{i Aiko}]: This is Major Aiko to any UEF forces in the area! An Aeon Commander is advancing on Black Sun. I need any and all help that can be provided. Aiko out."
jp: A06_M02_020_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_030_010="[{i Choir}]: Princess, Crusader Arnold and Avatar Marxon are advancing on Black Sun. Should we divert the Champion?"
jp: A06_M02_030_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_030_020="[{i Princess}]: No. The Cybran army is the greater threat. As long as we hold the Control Center, Black Sun is useless. Stay on the Cybran, Champion"
jp: A06_M02_030_020="未訳"

en: A06_M02_040_010="[{i Aiko}]: The Aeon Commander is still advancing. I can't stop him! It's like he knows everything I'm going to do. I need help here!"
jp: A06_M02_040_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_050_010="[{i Choir}]: The Cybran Commander is almost finished preparing his attack. It will begin advancing soon. Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_050_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_060_010="[{i Choir}]: The Cybran will be moving out at any moment. Make sure your forces are in position. Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_060_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_070_010="[{i RedFog}]: It's time to end this war."
jp: A06_M02_070_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_070_020="[{i Choir}]: The attack has begun! Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_070_020="未訳"

en: A06_M02_080_010="[{i Choir}]: The Cybran advance has been blunted. Move on his base and defeat the Cybran Commander ASAP. Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_080_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_090_010="[{i Aiko}]: Somebody help me! I've lost most of my forces...Black Sun is vulnerable. I need help!\n\n"
jp: A06_M02_090_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_100_010="[{i RedFog}]: No, I won't be defeated--"
jp: A06_M02_100_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_100_020="[{i Choir}]: The Cybran Commander has been destroyed. He is no longer a threat."
jp: A06_M02_100_020="未訳"

en: A06_M02_110_010="[{i Choir}]: You must quickly defeat the Cybran, Champion! Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_110_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_115_010="[{i Choir}]: The UEF Commander has been defeated. Arnold and Marxon have captured Black Sun. Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_115_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_120_010="[{i Choir}]: You are the Princess' Champion! No mere Cybran can defeat you! Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_120_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_130_010="[{i Choir}]: The Cybran Commander has captured the Control Center and is uploading the Quantum Virus. There's no way for us to purge the Virus! Abort mission and return. Choir out."
jp: A06_M02_130_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_140_010="[{i Aiko}]: I can't...no! "
jp: A06_M02_140_010="未訳"

en: A06_M02_OBJ_010_211="The Black Sun Control Center Must Survive"
jp: A06_M02_OBJ_010_211="未訳"

en: A06_M02_OBJ_010_212="The Cybran Commander has launched a counterassault. Leading the assault is the Spiderbot. Repel the attack and destroy the Spiderbot."
jp: A06_M02_OBJ_010_212="未訳"

en: A06_M02_OBJ_010_221="Defeat the Cybran Commander"
jp: A06_M02_OBJ_010_221="未訳"

en: A06_M02_OBJ_010_222="The Cybran Commander is too dangerous to be allowed in the area. You must defeat him and ensure that the Cybrans cannot interfere with the Princess' plans."
jp: A06_M02_OBJ_010_222="未訳"

en: A06_M03_005_010="[{i RedFog}]: Told you this wasn't over."
jp: A06_M03_005_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_010_010="[{i Arnold}]: The UEF Commander is dead. I have Black Sun, Princess. What are your orders?"
jp: A06_M03_010_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_010_020="[{i Marxon}]: You dare betray me?"
jp: A06_M03_010_020="未訳"

en: A06_M03_010_030="[{i Arnold}]: I have never served you, Marxon. The Princess is the one who set me free, showed me the UEF lies. She has always commanded me."
jp: A06_M03_010_030="未訳"

en: A06_M03_010_040="[{i Marxon}]: I always control the self-destruct codes for my subordinates, Arnold. Goodbye. "
jp: A06_M03_010_040="未訳"

en: A06_M03_010_050="[{i Princess}]: No!"
jp: A06_M03_010_050="未訳"

en: A06_M03_010_060="[{i Arnold}]: You showed me the light, Princess. For that I am grateful-- "
jp: A06_M03_010_060="未訳"

en: A06_M03_020_010="[{i Princess}]: Champion, destroy Marxon! "
jp: A06_M03_020_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_030_010="[{i Choir}]: Champion, defeat Marxon. Choir out. "
jp: A06_M03_030_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_040_010="[{i Marxon}]: Soon Black Sun will be mine. And I will use it to purge the galaxy. Only the Aeon will remain."
jp: A06_M03_040_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_040_020="[{i Princess}]: You will never succeed, Marxon."
jp: A06_M03_040_020="未訳"

en: A06_M03_050_010="[{i Choir}]: We have UEF units landing to the north. Be prepared for an assault! Choir out. "
jp: A06_M03_050_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_060_010="[{i Choir}]: We have every faith you will defeat Marxon, Champion! Choir out. "
jp: A06_M03_060_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_070_010="[{i Choir}]: Your orders are to destroy Avatar Marxon. Choir out."
jp: A06_M03_070_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_080_010="[{i Marxon}]: No! NO!"
jp: A06_M03_080_010="未訳"

en: A06_M03_080_020="[{i Princess}]: It is almost over. I will join you on Earth shortly, my Champion. Then, at long last, the Infinite War will end."
jp: A06_M03_080_020="未訳"

en: A06_M03_OBJ_010_311="Defeat Marxon"
jp: A06_M03_OBJ_010_311="未訳"

en: A06_M03_OBJ_010_312="Marxon must pay for his crimes and the murder of Toth. This battle will determine the future of the galaxy."
jp: A06_M03_OBJ_010_312="未訳"

en: A06_M03_OBJ_010_321="Defeat Marxon's Forces"
jp: A06_M03_OBJ_010_321="未訳"

en: A06_M03_OBJ_010_322="Clear out all of Marxon's forces from around Black Sun. The Princess' safety must be ensured when she comes to Earth."
jp: A06_M03_OBJ_010_322="未訳"

en: A06_T01_010_010="[{i RedFog}]: Today the Infinite War comes to an end. "
jp: A06_T01_010_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_020_010="[{i RedFog}]: Black Sun will be ours!"
jp: A06_T01_020_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_030_010="[{i RedFog}]: You will never harm another Cybran."
jp: A06_T01_030_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_040_010="[{i RedFog}]: Once the Gates go down, the Aeon Illuminate is finished."
jp: A06_T01_040_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_050_010="[{i RedFog}]: The UEF has oppressed us for too long!"
jp: A06_T01_050_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_060_010="[{i RedFog}]: Your 'Way' is no match for Cybran technology."
jp: A06_T01_060_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_070_010="[{i RedFog}]: You will never defeat me."
jp: A06_T01_070_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_080_010="[{i RedFog}]: Soon all Symbionts will be free."
jp: A06_T01_080_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_090_010="[{i Marxon}]: The Princess is no match for me. And neither are you."
jp: A06_T01_090_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_100_010="[{i Marxon}]: Toth begged before she died. She was a coward to the very end."
jp: A06_T01_100_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_120_010="[{i Marxon}]: Once I've taken Earth, the Princess will fall by my hand. She will not escape me a second time."
jp: A06_T01_120_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_130_010="[{i Marxon}]: This is your last chance to join me."
jp: A06_T01_130_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_140_010="[{i Marxon}]: The Way is a weapon. It must be wielded as such."
jp: A06_T01_140_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_150_010="[{i Marxon}]: I will rule the galaxy."
jp: A06_T01_150_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_160_010="[{i Marxon}]: The Seraphim meant for us to lead humanity."
jp: A06_T01_160_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_170_010="[{i Marxon}]: With the power of Black Sun, I will conquer the galaxy!"
jp: A06_T01_170_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_180_010="[{i Aiko}]: Mark my words, Black Sun will fire!"
jp: A06_T01_180_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_190_010="[{i Aiko}]: Your fanaticism will not protect you."
jp: A06_T01_190_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_200_010="[{i Aiko}]: The Aeon have splintered. You are weak."
jp: A06_T01_200_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_210_010="[{i Aiko}]: I will defend Black Sun with my life."
jp: A06_T01_210_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_220_010="[{i Aiko}]: On this day, the Aeon will be destroyed."
jp: A06_T01_220_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_230_010="[{i Aiko}]: The UEF will triumph!"
jp: A06_T01_230_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_240_010="[{i Aiko}]: Surrender is your only option!"
jp: A06_T01_240_010="未訳"

en: A06_T01_250_010="[{i Aiko}]: Earth will not fall to the likes of you!"
jp: A06_T01_250_010="未訳"