en: C06_B01_000_010="Date: 14-SEPTEMBER-3844"
jp: C06_B01_000_010="未訳"

en: C06_B01_001_010="It is almost done. I have lived for over a thousand years...a long time. I have watched the war...seen so many die. It must end. We must be free. It's up to you, my boy."
jp: C06_B01_001_010="未訳"

en: C06_B01_002_010="All of our sleeper cells on Earth have activated and are assaulting strategic UEF installations. This has allowed Jericho and his team to construct a base for you near Black Sun. They will assist in any way possible."
jp: C06_B01_002_010="未訳"

en: C06_B01_003_010="Your mission is to seize control of Black Sun and upload QAI's data-core directly into its Control Center. Firing the weapon will then release both the Quantum Virus and the Liberation Matrix."
jp: C06_B01_003_010="未訳"

en: C06_B01_003_020="The Gates will shut down. Everyone, everywhere, will be free. There will be peace."
jp: C06_B01_003_020="未訳"

en: C06_B01_004_010="You understand, Commander, this is a one-way trip. If you are successful, it will be at least five years before we can re-establish contact."
jp: C06_B01_004_010="未訳"

en: C06_B01_004_020="He understands, oh yes. Earth will be yours, son. The Symbionts will follow you. A new beginning, a new life. Guide Earth. Make it great."
jp: C06_B01_004_020="未訳"

en: C06_B01_004_030="It is time. Do svidanya, Commander. It has been an honor."
jp: C06_B01_004_030="未訳"

en: C06_B01_004_040="Be safe."
jp: C06_B01_004_040="未訳"