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Here we survey the inhuman races, looking at their myths, history, magic, outlook and attitude toward adventuring from their own point of view.
Both players and Games Masters alike can use this chapter to help delineate specific Player or Non-Player Characters.

Aldryami (Elfs)


We are the plant people, grown from the seeds of Aldrya.
Her song runs through us like the sap in our veins.
We protect the forests and fight the burners, choppers and the bringers of disease, of whom there are all too many in this world.
Humans call us elfs.

My Myths


Our stories are not told in words.
We hear them as song, whenever we are in the forest.
The God Learners try to fit them into the stories of foreign gods, adding Ernalda and Eurmal and others to them.
They cut it up and what they do not care for, they burn.
Here is the real song.

The song starts with Grower.
He made everything green and spread across the entire world.

To abet his fecundity, Grower grew allies.
There was Eron, the waters we drank from, Gata, the earth we rooted in, and Halamalao, the sun who shone into our leaves, giving life.
エローン、我々が飲んだ水域、 Gata 、我々がかき回した地球とハーラマラオ、生活を与えて、我々の葉の中に輝いた太陽。

With conditions so prepared, Grower himself grew into a new being, first as a seed, then as a tree.
This was Falamal, the great tree at the centre of everything.
From Falamal sprouted Aldrya, our greatest mother, and Seyotel, the song that forms our spirits.
ファラマルからアルドリア、我々の最も偉大な母親と Seyotel 、我々の精霊を形成する歌が芽を出しました。

You’d think this was the ideal time for us, and in a way it was, but there was no balance.
Grower’s roots dug deep into the world and threatened to break it apart, as there was nothing to stop his expansion.

So naturally the Taker, Bebester, came into the world to counter these faults.
All green things became brown.
Water dried up, stone crumbled and the air whipped around so fast it caught fire, burning the papery-dry trees.
水が干上がらせられるという状態で、石がぼろぼろに崩れました、そして空気は非常に速く突き進んだので、それは、薄い - ドライな木を燃やして、火がつきました。
Nearly everything was destroyed.
This was no balance.

Grower could not stand it and defied Taker by sending out more shoots.
These were the defenders, Bergara and Vronkal.
これらは擁護者、 Bergara であったそしてヴロンカル。
She was angry and he was swift.
They fought back against Taker, forcing Bebester into balance with Grower.
By way of submission, Taker spawned Trigora.
服従を通して、奪い手は Trigora を生みました。
She became the dark place beneath the earth where the dead go.
At this time, most of us were already inside her.

Grower responded by making Bengara’s sister, Veratha, who was the utter purity of fresh growth.
育み手は、 Bengara の姉妹、新鮮な成長のまったくの純粋であった Veratha を作ることによって、返答しました。
She kissed the aldryami inside Trigora, including Aldrya herself.
彼女は、アルドリア自身を含めて、 Trigora の中にアルドリアミにキスしました。
We formed new seeds, germinated and our sprouts appeared above the ground, to be warmed again by a returned Halamalao.

Our armies overran the creatures of Taker, who were doomed by their intrinsic paradox: they were created by a destroyer.

In Dragon Pass, we participated in the I Fought We Won battle, led by the hero Fwalfa Oakheart.
ドラゴン・パスで、我々は、英雄 Fwalfa Oakheart によってリードされて、我が戦い我らが勝ったの戦いに参加しました。
Our usual enemies were our allies.
The harmony gave us joy and we prayed that it would last.

One part of us that could never be regrown entirely was Gata.
決して完全に再生されることができなかった我々の1つの部分が Gata でした。
She had been broken up into many local goddesses, one for each land.
They were rich and fruitful but were only a reflection of what Gata had been.
(彼・それ)らは豊かで、そして実り多かったですが、ただ Gata が(それまで)何であったかの反映に過ぎませんでした。

This is not the real story at all.
Aldrya is better understood as a pagan god than as some vague and slippery half-spirit entity.
アルドリアはいずれかのはっきりしない、そして滑りやすい半分 - 精霊エンティティーとしてより異教徒の神としてもっと良く理解される。
Flamal and Ernalda gave birth to Aldrya.
The trickster discovered
Death and gave it to the elfs, who used it to kill dwarfs.
Then the troll death god, Zorak Zoran, took it and used it to slay Flamal.
A modified
Lightbringer’s Quest brings him back.

─ Spolorfal the Arranger, Dean of Pythos University
─スポローファル、編曲者、 Pythos のディーン大学